Traveling Book Project
A Collaborative Project between San Diego Book Arts, Bay Area Book Artists, and PaperWorks
~ 3 Organizations ~ 13 Groups ~ 75 Members ~ 75 Books ~ 468 Envelopes being mailed back and forth ~ 468 Pages (some single, some double and some four sided!)
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Featured Artist
Astrid J. Smith has been a member of BABA since 2008 and her artistic practice tends toward a balance between chaotic experimentation and technical precision, and she enjoys researching the history and philosophy of how we regard material objects.
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Member Galleries
Immerse yourself in the creativity found in the BABA Galleries. The Artist Galleries show artists books created by currently active BABA members. The Member Archives are the galleries from BABA’s prior website. Both contain unique and inspiring art.
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Book Arts Jam
The Book Arts Jam is our annual, one-day celebration of the book, print and paper arts, held in Redwood City, California, midway between San Francisco and San Jose.
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