Artist Talks & Tours

Meet book artists and the studios of creatives.

Book Talk: ‘Offerings’ by Mary Daniel Hobson

For over twenty-five years, the artist has paired photography with collage and sculpture to see below the surface. By layering tactile materials, she expresses a deeper psychological complexity and navigates an inner world. All of these pieces contain the artist’s personal history, and sometimes her own figure, but they are not self-portraits; they are a way to touch the universal. ‘Offerings’ is her first monograph and includes five series of the works, which were created from 1996 through 2018. ‘Offerings’ is published at Datz Press in 2019.

Bookmaking Tools, Papers, and Ideas, plus a Studio Tour by Kit Davey

In this 24 minute video Kit shares:

  • her favorite tools
  • papers she uses in bookmaking
  • what to do with leftover paper scraps
  • where she gets her ideas and
  • a studio tour

“NATURE LIBRARY” Lisa Kokin makes art from up-cycled books.

MAKING ART FROM UP-CYCLED BOOKS. In this video artist Lisa Kokin tells the story of how she made a large commissioned piece using a variety of books from the local recycling center. Excerpt from Lisa’s website: “I recently received a large commission for the new Montage Health/Community Hospital in Monterey, CA. Nature Library will be viewed from both sides in a beautifully constructed Plexiglas box. The piece is the result of countless hunting and gathering forays to find discarded books at the local recycling center and is composed of dozens of book cloth covers from a wide variety of sources. It was a true pleasure to make the piece, knowing that it will contribute to a feeling of well-being and tranquility as people “read” the bits of text while waiting to see their doctor.”

The Wordless Library by artist Lisa Kokin

Artist Lisa Kokin talks about her latest work entitled “The Wordless Library.” The Wordless Library is an installation of book-like structures made of copper and aluminum in which threadless stitches follow lines reminiscent of text. In some pieces they are grouped into “words,” while in other works they look as though an animal has bored into them, creating uneven lacunae. Some are books with pages, unreadable and repetitive, forming random lines and patterns, stark and minimalist, artifacts of the times we are living through. This exhibition is currently on view at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California until October 3, 2021.

Wish You Were Here Collaboration

Wish You Were Here was a collaborative effort of 7 book arts groups from across the country.  Over 100 book artists each made a book from the 15 postcards they received from other participating artists.  The details are attached.

 The WYWH Virtual Gallery created by Cristina Hajosy (NEBA)

 The WYWH print catalog, created by Lorraine Crowder (BABA)

Sharing presentations videos:

WYWH Sharing Session 1 – Aug. 27, 2021, hosted by Laurel Moorhead (SDBA)

Artists presenting: Laurel Moorhead (SDBA), Virginia Phelps (BABA), Gina Pisello (SDBA), Karen O’Neal (SDBA), Vicky DeLong (SDBA), Susan Agnew (PaperWorks), Jie Tian (SDBA), Charlotte Carpentier (SDBA), and Bonnie Thompson Norman (PSBA)

WYWH Sharing Session 2 – Aug. 28, 2021, hosted by Bobbie Wilson (PaperWorks)

Link to view video recording:

Artists presenting: Bobbie Wilson (PaperWorks), Judy Bjorling (PaperWorks), Kathy Dannerbeck (PaperWorks), Carolyn Letvin (NEBA), Elsi Vassdal Ellis (PSBA), Connie Teeple (PaperWorks), Connie Kampsula (PaperWorks), and Denise Stephenson (SDBA)

WYWH Sharing Session 3 – Sept. 1, 2021, hosted by Amy Thompson West (SFBAG) 

Link to view video recording:

Artists presenting: Amy Thompson West (SFBAG), Toni Kilcoyne (BABA), Liz Nania Bailey (NEBA), Douglass Rankin (SFBAG), Mary Elizabeth (Emmy) Nelson (NORBAG/SFBAG), Rosie Arenas (NORBAG), Pamela Marrett (SDBA), Roberta Warshaw (PaperWorks), and Vicki Donkersley (PaperWorks)

WYWH Sharing Session 4 – Sept. 2, 2021, hosted by Laurel Moorhead (SDBA)

Link to view video recording:

Artists Presenting: Krista Neis (PaperWorks), Maria Dolores Bolivar (SDBA), Rebecca Ganz (PaperWorks), Geri Michelli (SFBAG), Dorothy McCuistion (PSBA), Katherine Niven (BABA), Maria Rebelo (SDBA), Barbara Ruys (SDBA), and Connie Woodhead (SDBA)

WYWH Sharing – Session 5 – Sept 7, 2021, hosted by Becky Frehse (PSBA)

Link to view video recording:

Artists Sharing on September 7: Becky Frehse (PSBA), Jan Dove (PSBA), Debbie Gerrish (SDBA), Gail Murray (SFBAG), Lynne Olson (PSBA), Elissa Campbell (NEBA), Nancer Ballard (NEBA), and Nancy Kazanjian (SDBA)

WYWH Sharing – Session 6 – hosted by Lorraine Crowder (BABA) 

Link to view video recording:

Artists Sharing on September 8: Lorraine Crowder (BABA), Cristina Hajosy (NEBA), Jessie Wing (PSBA), Karen Beery (SDBA), Fran McReynolds (NORBAG), Alice Stanne (NEBA), Rochelle Gandour-Rood (PSBA), Yvonne Perez-Collins (SDBA), and Alice Apley (NEBA)

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