Artist Talk | Jamila Rufaro, Mixed Media Assemblage and Book Artist

“In the Kitchen with Jamila Cooking Up Some Prints

LIVE SCREENING WITH Q&A: October 18th, 2020 at 12:30 – 1:15 PM PST


Describing her creative identity, Jamila Rufaro states, “I am an artist. A book artist. I create handmade books and make things out of old books. Technically I am a mixed-media assemblage artist.” Beginning with making paper angels out of notebook paper as a child (and selling them to her family), a period overseas in Europe making stained glass, and doing Kenté cloth appliqués in the 1990s, her path through various materials has led to an obsession with book arts.

Over time, her work has evolved to a less controlled approach that involves submersion and the occasional burnt paper. In her talk, Jamila will take you into her kitchen and walk you through the steps to use to make eco-prints. She’ll cover: choice of leaves, preparing the paper, making the sandwiches and the steam bath.

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Below is a recording of the live version of this talk, followed by Q&A:

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